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Business Card App

A Business Card App is like a mini-website for mobile devices.

Business Card App

For a limited time get the basic card FREE!

Talking Avatar Presentation

An animated avatar uses sound and text to present your product or service.

One Shot Audio

Plays an short audio file from your phone desktop. Limited time for only $5

Have an idea for an app?

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Affordable app development

Android App development on a shoestring budget

Affordable App Development

Affordable app development is important for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

It is especially vital if you don’t have:

    • a knowledge of code
    • a team of developers
    • a 100,000 budget

What can I do?

    • Learn Code
    • Spend a lot of $ on development
    • Let Us Do It For You

What exactly do you mean by affordable

  • We have a few simple apps that are $5 and sometimes give some away for free
  • The most expensive is $75
  • There are some apps that you can add options to that could reach as high as $200

Affordable App Development

Why so cheap? Why give away free apps?

The failure or success of any business relies on building relationships with customers. Providing affordable apps allows us to do that. Because the code is reusable, the cost of development is shared between many app owners

What if I don’t see what I want?

If you have an idea, we do custom work too. Contact Us about it for a free quote and app plan

Custom app development? That sounds more expensive!

Well, it is more expensive than ordering one of the templates, but have a look at our Rates

Business Card App

How much do I need to do?

For best results in getting the app you want, we recommend you provide

  • Creative input
  • Custom Artwork, information and other media
  • Feedback on updates we send

Does that mean you don’t provide artwork?

Some. But we are coders, not artists. But we have stock art, photos and graphics. We will gladly incorporate custom artwork that you provide into your apps. Please see our page on How to get Cheap Artwork.

What about IOS Apps? Do you make those?

We do, but it is much more complicated than Android. If you’d like to put your app on the Apple App Store you’ll need to:

  • Create a developer account with Apple
  • Add us as Technical members of the account
  • Provide us with the necessary certificates that Apple provides.

We will help you with the process as much as possible.

Can you publish the apps to the Play Store?

We could, but if we did, the app would be listed under our name,not yours. For Android the cost for publishing multiple apps Google charges $25.
If you really would not like to publish it yourself, when we provide you the file, you can find plenty of people on fivver that can publish it for you.

Do you provide source code?

Most of the time no. One of the reasons we are able to offer Affordable App Development is to be able to reuse code and rely on third party extensions that we don’t have permission to redistribute